Saturday, 2 April 2016

May I give you an injection?

My week has been good in a many ways. In a last post I spoke about the fatigue and the demons, but I've managed to drive them off at least so far. Perhaps I'm still a bit tired, but just because I've brought about so much during the week. The best thing is perhaps that I got a new job for the summer and I didn't even apply for it. They asked me if I was interested and of course I was. It's my own field and the wage is better so I don't need to be a poor artist during the summer. I still continue my old job in autumn. I was about to keep a little bit holiday in the summer and do my own projects, but I can forget them now. Life always surprises and forms the new unexpected paths. 

My day's outfit. It's been a really sunny day so I decided to go in this look today:
I'm in love with those pants which I got from Queen of Darkness! They look so cool and goes with different clothes. I also like those wedge shoes which I found in a flea market years ago.

I keep up watching of True Blood. The second season is running ;D Hope you all have a nice weekend!