torstai 17. marraskuuta 2016

Eyes get used to the darkness

An attire from Sunday which happened to be my only day off in this month. I put on a pencil skirt which is from a flea market like also a bag. T-shirt is a finding from WGT journey and I love it! 

A need for create something by hand increases a day by day. I'm looking forward a vacation which comes after four weeks. Right now it's nearly impossible to find time for sewing or drawing and those are the things that I would like to do. Today I visited a fabric store and bought some materials which are waiting for the right moment. I should definitely take hold of myself and sew more! Recently a lack of spare time has created a barrier between me and creativity, but that's temporary. I have also prospered pretty well at the gym so that's also steals my time. 

Hope you all have had a nice week and I wish you a happy weekend!

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