maanantai 21. marraskuuta 2016

Gloomy Monday

I had some extra time in the morning so I decided to take outfit pictures before leaving out. For once I had time to focus on make up and drinking of the coffee without the rush and that felt good. I hate busy mornings. I'm the person who can't leave a home without drinking of the coffee in the morning. 
I put on a poncho from Queen of Darkness which is the casual choice. One of my favorite garment. 
I heard today that I have a few days off this week which certainly makes me glad. That knows what else than quality time with my sewing machine. A few projects have been haunting in the labyrinth of the mind and now I have time to start  to carry out them. I also booked a journey to Wave Gotik Treffen which also creates  a big smile onto the face. This will be our third time there! In spite of the rainy and gloomy weather this day turned out to be quite nice. 

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