lauantai 12. marraskuuta 2016

Shopping day

A short post about the goods which I purchased today. As I mentioned I need the boots for winter and I ended up buying these laced heels which are made of a real leather so let's hope they will go through many winters. I proved several shoes, but these were the sweetest ones although there would have been some other nice too. Good thing is also that these were discounted so perhaps I will get another pair more later ;)
 I also found the new suede gloves. I managed to lose my old ones when I was photographing and quality gloves are must have in winter time. 
 New earrings were extempore purchase. I watched these already earlier, but didn't have a heart to buy them. However I thought they are so pretty that I have to get them. 

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  1. Ihania ostoksia, varsinkin nuo korvikset! Olen tainnut joskus samaisia hypistellä myös kaupassa :D