Thursday, 28 January 2016

Love is a pain in your veins

I got diseased on last Sunday after my work shift. Obviously influenza judging from a fever which I never suffer from. I've been so bored during the whole week which I have spent under the blankets. I would like to get to do something sensible and concrete. Being ill is really not my thing if it can be anyone's (okay on Monday morning I felt relieved when there was enough good reason not to wake up but..).  Following social media or watching the series all day long make me feel that the brain cells are dancing with a reaper. 

Here are a few outfit pictures which I took the other day, but never released for an unknown reason. 
Dress: From Germany, Shoes: Vagabond
 "Wednesday" dress was a great finding from WGT. I have been about to do this kind of dress over for ten years, but never brought about. 
I hope you feel better than me and happy weekend to you all! 

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Rime paints the scenery

Cold days follow up another and at least it delights me. Decent winter is welcome when the last year it passed us. What it means in dressing is layering a keyword these days and fortunately I've found some neat cardigans that are easy to undress when coming indoors. One of my favorite winter garment is also a fake fur vest which I bought three years ago. It's so cute and fluffy that I'm real happy that I purchased it. Genuine fur I would never wear, but synthetical is swell material to cheers up the look. Here is my Saturday's outfit:
On Friday evening I was shopping and I wanted to buy some new garments because I thought I haven't bought anything in a long time. There was just that random teasing feeling that I want to get something new although there was only need for tights.  I ended up finding a striped dress, hat, ordinary black top, tights and stocking cap. Both headpieces are wine red and I really love that color. Now I try to keep strike because there is coming a trip to Germany and I'm sure I will find something from there. 

Sunday, 17 January 2016

She was rounded around the celluloid

A short weekend greetings. I was about to do a decent post during the weekend, but somehow the time disappeared in an hourglass and I see it's Sunday evening again. 
 My weekend has gone with the movies, in the gym, by pole dancing and sewing. Me and my love went to see Star Wars on Friday evening and we both liked it. I've already managed to visit the cinema three times this year and there is only a half of the month gone so far. Pretty good achievement and there is many interesting films coming out soon like The Revenant, The boy, The Jungle Book and Alice Through the Looking Glass to mention a few. Last night I finally checked out The Wolf of Wall street which I've been about to watch for ages, but there is always a big step to start watching a film which takes three hours. However I can always trust that DiCaprio makes the good movies.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Mambo Jones

A day before the year turned I headed to see Mambo Jones to Vastavirta. They play punk rock that put your mind in a good mood with Finnish lyrics. Here are a few shots I took:

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Killed by death

A weekend off and I've been just relaxing . Yesterday I paid a visit to a gym and otherwise I've been gone in an imaginary world by playing simulation games and traveling on pages of books. Last nigh me and my beloved followed Lemmy's funeral live stream while eating pizza (which we ordered from pizza online service haha, we are so lazy people).  Long live Lemmy and rock'n roll, you will  be never forgotten. 

Cold weather zone has reached us which basically mean that I've wrapped myself around different pullovers. It has been minus thirty degrees in best moments which start to be quite much. I kind of enjoy the feeling when the frost pricks the skin, it must be a little masochist inside me. Here is my yesterday's outfit:
Hope you all have had the nice weekend there with or without the frost. 

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

My favorite outfits of 2015

Once more back into the last year in a form of outfits. Here comes my favorite five outfits which I introduced you on the blog during the year:

I love  simple outfits with details like hats and splashy jewelries nowadays. Pencil skirts belong to my daily garments and I like to combine a suspenders with them. 
Shirt and skirt: flea market, Hat and brooch: from WGT

This outfit was perhaps my favorite one which I wore at Lumous:
Dress: Self made

Perhaps the most widely worn a piece of clothing was a poncho:
Bolero: Queen of Darkness, Shoes: Vagabond, Skirt: H&M

I can't explain why, but this look just enthralls me:
Shirt: Queen of Darkness, Skirt: H&M, Shoes, H&M, Ankh: Ebay, Woolly hat: H&M

Witches... well it works always:
Shirt: flea market, Skirt: Self made, Shoes: H&M, Hat: Ebay

Did you like some of these?

Monday, 4 January 2016

What we do in the shadows?

To me New Year's eve was a bit peculiar this year for the reason that I was working till 12.30 am and when I got off I headed right away to the bar Amadeus where I spent the night till the bar was closed. Not a bad way to change year although a part of the night went by working. And for once I was able to stay at the bar till it was closed! 

The new year has started well. I have been at work and at gym and that's almost all what I have done so far. Studies started today and I'm already waiting for the next vacation to come. Eight weeks to go!

Here are outfit pictures which were taken a week ago. I wore my old coat which is from H&M, Vagabond's shoes and a hat. That coat has a perfect cutting, I really like the model and I'm happy that I bought it years ago. I wish I had done it myself!

On New Year's first day we headed to the cinema to watch What We Do In The Shadows and that was a hilarious film about Vampires. Some may think vampire movies start to be a quite worn subject, but this film has its potential to be something different. For a start it's comedy and it's kind of a documentary where vampires (who are each other's flatmates) tell about their daily life like how annoying it can be if you have a nagging flatmate who doesn't wash his bloody dishes than once every five years. I don't want to reveal more, but I recommend to give it a try. The film was published already in 2014 so I wonder why it was shown not until now here at our cinema. 

And I don't want to forget my resolutions I made. I checked out my last resolutions from my blog and there was mentioned my own clothing collection and intention to visit gym regularly and what else. Well I didn't manage to do my own collection because there came some variables, but I visited gym quite well. This year I try to take new tattoos and travel. Have you made any resolutions?