keskiviikko 14. kesäkuuta 2017

WGT: Day 3

The third day was most likely my favorite and the most expected day this year because of all these lovely bands: She Past Away, The Mission, The 69 eyes and Skinny Puppy. Of course because I come from Finland I've seen The 69 eyes many many times and  I was a big fan in my early teens, but I was fairly curious to see how "big name" it is in Germany. It was actually really interesting to see them abroad and yes they seem to be much popular in Germany what they are in Finland nowadays! It was nice to see.  She Past Away is a new name to me and I started listening to them just a few months before WGT and that was a crush in a first sight. I don't know much about the band, but it was piquant to hear their monotone voice world in a real life.  The Mission and Skinny Puppy are my old favorites and this was the first chance to see them. I already heard earlier in the fall that Helsinki vampires and The Mission are touring together and I was hoping they would come here too. The time passed and I happily noted that they will arrive in WGT which created a big smile onto my face. Skinny Puppy is actually in Helsinki the day after tomorrow 

I went with this simple look: 
Harness: Diy, Skirt: WGT, Bag: Flea market, Shoes: K-kenkä. Tights: Lindex, Corset: Second hand (Lip service)

It was again rainy weather so I didn't want to put on the long skirt which was my first intention so I changed my plan ;D

I also met Queen of Darkness staff which was fun and I got a surprise box!
All in all the day was long, but rewarding. Legs were aching while arriving at the hotel, but all was worth it. 

4 kommenttia:

  1. It sounds like an amazing line up

  2. That day was the best for me. 69 Eyes is the band I like the least out of the 5, and they were still pretty good! I noticed too that they were really popular - But not as popular as Skinny Puppy! I don't even know how many people were there during The Mission, I don't think I ever turned around (I was in the front row crying of joy) xD

    1. I was also quite front during the Mission and there were quite many people :D. Thanks for commenting :)