sunnuntai 25. kesäkuuta 2017

Midsummer & Mermaid hair

Abandoned streets and silent city around made my Midsummer. As usually we spent Midsummer in the city just me and my beloved by eating good food and I also poured some tasteful sparkling wine through a throat. We listened to the music and watched the movie Arrival which was pretty good science fiction film by Denis Villeneuve. The time flew and we had fun just together. I didn't gathered the flowers or made any other Litha traditions. I just stared at the nightless night through a window like a true townie. As a kid I spent all Midsummers in the countryside so perhaps it's time to spend them now somewhere elsewhere. 

On Saturday the feet led us to Tampere underground event because we both wanted to see one local band there. After the music experience I cycled to the beach because I wanted to have a sauna and get to swim in the lake. That just belongs to the Midsummer. It was raining throughout a day, but that also belongs to. It was the comfy weekend all in all though we didn't plan it much. Sometimes it's better to trust on intuition and follow its signs. 
I bought months ago (or perhaps a year ago) blond clip-on hair and dipped them in the green hair dye. I love green hair, but I don't want to ruin my own hair so I ended up the extensions. I have tried these just a few times before because I'm quite lazy when it comes the hair. However they looked nice especially now when I just dyed my hair into pitch black. 
This outfit is from Friday night. I put on the first garment on which grabbed the hand. 
Hope you all had a great weekend!

8 kommenttia:

  1. Kauniita kuvia! Todella hyvin sopii nuo vihreät pidennykset, itsekin tykkään kovasti juuri tuosta vihreän sävystä.

    1. Vihreä oli oma lempivärini, kunnes se muuttui mustaksi joskus ala-asteella ;D

  2. I've always wondered what dipping extensions in colourful dye would look like! It looks really awesome. I also love your really long skirt!

  3. Vastaukset
    1. It's the old dress. I haven't worn it just at all.

  4. Those green extensions suit you very well!

  5. Thanks! I think so too ^^ It's so easy to create some change with these.