lauantai 21. lokakuuta 2017

She is staring at the sky

An outfit from the week. I managed to find a pencil skirt in the flea market a week ago and it was like new. The skirt is made of a stretchy material including a lining. I find it's pretty quality and fits perfectly. Sometimes I need to narrow a hip from the ready-made skirts because my hip is quite nonexistent, but not this time. A mesh shirt is many years old which I bought when I lived in Savonlinna and a harness is self made. 
Shirt: Lindex, Skirt: Flea market, Harness: Diy
During the week I've been drawing and sketching quite much. I realized that I never draw animals except the birds so I tried to practice drawing of a cat and it was fun. Usually I'm drawing people and that comes because I'm a fashion designer and I'm mostly designing clothes so it's natural to me draw the humans.. but it makes good to try something new every now and then. And speaking of the new things I have become interested in photographing the stars of the Milky Way. Unfortunately it has been too cloudy now so I haven't managed to shoot any shot yet. An autumn is great time to stare at the stars, but of course the sky must be clear. I have always been interested in the space, stars, planets and astrology, but I have never taken the photos of the stars. I have photographed a lot of the moon, but somehow I have passed those flickering spots of the sky. I photograph a lot of the nature and I miss the new subjects so I got this idea to start taking pictures of the Milky Way. Now I'm just waiting for the clear nights!

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