Wednesday, 11 October 2017


After the last post I made a decision to order Lenovo Yoga and that arrived on Monday. My weekend spent so slowly when I just waited for Monday to come. I ended up choosing Lenovo instead of Mac because this was of course a bit cheaper, but in addition included more memory and I was interested in 2 in 1 feature which means that this works also as a tablet due to the touch screen. The screen turns 360-degrees and this is powerful enough for games and software. I tested to play with it and it worked so smoothly. I'm poor, but really joyful! 
An outfit which I wore the other day. 
It's inktober time so I've drawn everything too over the month. I'm really glad that I've found the inspiration again. This one is my Poe drawing which I made by markers. 
Nothing much has happened. The big new was that I got the new laptop so I can write a blog much easier from now on when I don't need to fight with the powerless computer. 


  1. Lenovo alkaa houkuttelemaan, kun kuuntelee näitä juttuja. Miehelläkin Lenovo pelaa moitteetta, kun itse venttailen puoli tuntia apparaatin käynnistymistä.

    Upea sisustus kerta kaikkiaan <3

    1. Nyt kun on muutama päivä tämän kanssa takana, niin ei valitettavaa. Kerrassaan ihanaa, kun kone ei jumita ja kun kirjoittelee esim. tätä kommenttia niin teksti ei tule viiveellä, kuten vanhassa :D Kallis hankinta, mutta säästää hermoja. Toivottavasti kestää käytössä useamman vuoden.

      Kiitos ^^