tiistai 11. syyskuuta 2018

Von Nottbeck's cemetery

A  little bit over a week ago I visited the cemetery whose existence was revealed me in the spring. It's a tiny, much smaller as I thought, closed  and private area which belonged  to the local family who influenced a lot the local economy on its own era. Over the summer there was arranged open door days and this Sunday happened to be the last of those days in this year. Normally you can't get in, but you can surely observe the place through a fence!

There was a guide who told us about the family and about the burials which were made there during the years. It was really interesting to feed the mind and get the new knowledge of the city. The fenced area includes twelve tombs (if I remember correct), the first burial was made in 1885 and the last in 1997. More burials is not coming in the future because there is no one left of the family in this country, but there is still distant relatives left abroad. 
In addition to the graves there is also a small chapel which is made of the bricks. 
 The fence and the gate are really beautiful. If I had a yard, I would like to have something like this as well. Unfortunately there was so many people that I didn't manage to take a decent picture of the gate.
 This place is fairly hidden and it's difficult to find it if you don't know about it. There is also a couple of mansions in the city which belonged to the family and they are also really charming. A head of the family was a chief of the cotton factor which stopped acting in the early 90's. He and his wife and their four sons are buried here and  also their offspring. 

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  1. What a lovely place. Private burial grounds are quite rare right? I can't recall a single one in Sweden

    1. Yes, at least in Finland they are rare. I really didin't know before that there is this one in the middle of the industrial estate.

  2. What an interesting place, I love the honeycomb shape of the chapel.

  3. Ooh miten kiinnostavan näköinen paikka! Ihania kuvia :) Kiinnostaisi itseäkin käydä tuolla.