sunnuntai 4. marraskuuta 2018

A year closer to the grave

November is my month. I was born 32 years ago which sounds such a long time. It feels that I just turned 18 a while ago and now I'm roaming in the direction of the middle-age crisis. I was talking on the phone with my ex-boyfriend in the morning and we pondered was it really ten years ago when we met for the first time? And yes it was. Everything has happened during the years and what will happen in the future? Hope something spectacular. Sometimes I feel anxiety when the time goes so fast and there would be so much affairs to do that I should live at least five lives more to get them all done. But that's a thing that I can't affect. 
 This morning I wanted to enjoy the dark and gloomy nature. I cycled to the lakeshore to snap a few pictures and managed to capture a bird picture as well despite of the dark weather. Some people find this season is so depressive, but my soul is blooming. Everything looks so beautiful. 
I kind of wait for the first snow too. It offers a different landscapes. 
 The bird which didn't care of the almonds that I was offering. 
I've spent the weekend quite much at home which sounds boring to some of you, but for me it sounds relaxing way to spend some quality time by myself. Some book, music, a couple of beers and sauna have offered the best company (and not forgetting the camera). Naturally I had some inevitable and less interesting works which I had to do and they took some time too. In a nutsell I didn't celebrate my birthday either this year. But I have my everlasting project to take a new tattoo at some point and that will be my gift to myself then. My arms yearn more ink! 

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