Friday, 9 August 2013

Dancing in the rain

I'm confused how quickly this week flew. Maybe it did because I've had so many activities and I have been really inspired by reading, sewing and pole dancing. I sewed a new dress yesterday, its' quite simple but the fabric is beautiful. I try to take photos of it by the next week. 

I was about to go see my parents this weekend but it seems that I'm going to stay in Tampere though. The purpose was to go to photograph and say hello to kittens but because the forecaster has promised only the rain, it's better to pass the visit and go later then. Besides I have a lot of doing here and I should practice a few pole movements. 


  1. Oi ihania kuvia jälleen! Jos saan antaa postaus idean, niin olisi kiva nähdä tankoiluvideo! jos siis sinulla on sellainen mahdollisuus tehdä :)

    1. Kiitos :) Videota olen harkinnut ja kuvannut jo nyt, mutta vielä ei ole ihan julkaisukelpoista materiaalia ;D Katsotaan saanko jouluun mennessä jotain asian saralla aikaiseksi.


      Nyt vahingossa deletoin täältä kommentin, mutta kiitos kehuista :>