Monday, 28 October 2013

From black into the purple dreams

I was about to write already yesterday but obviously I fell asleep.
I'm home again after all travelling. It's nice to visit different places but it's always wonderful to come home after absence.  I spent a part of the week at my parents' place and arrived at Tampere on Thursday night. I brought with me Playstation 3 which I got last Christmas. I haven't played it just at all before this weekend. A few days ago I played Gta 5 which I 'll probably have to  buy myself aswell  and on Saturday I visited Swamp, which sells the second-hand games nowadays, and I bought a game which so many people have recommended to me: Alice Madness Returns. I need to say this game really was worth the praise words. Dark and captivating atmosphere is like made for me  and Alice is so sweet. I'd like to get that art book which is filled with gloomy illustrations. It could probably give me an inspiration for drawing. In a nutshell  this weekend has passed pretty much in candle's light by wandering in the dark wonderland.

By the way my blog's outfit changed a bit a few days ago and it will change more as I find time to do the rest of the changes. I have been about to modify the outfit a long time but laziness has overwhelmed me. Yesterday I  fought more in css world when I updated my websites and I learned to do some new effects, maybe I will dare to publish them here some day ;)

In memory of Lou Reed who passed away recently


  1. Lovely pictures! :) Love the alice game, one of my favorites!

    x Dawn