Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Quickly post, the internet connection is really bad here so I´m living without that wonderland during this week. Anyway I want to do a small post from here because it's boring to write them afterwards. We arrived at Spain on Sunday, more precisely to Canary which is the real tourist trap. (Seriously every third soul speaks Finnish here). I can't say this destination would be the most ideal for me but I'm open for the new adventures so why not. Maybe the next target is Berlin or New York in the future. (at least I hope so)
Sun is shining here all the time which means the weather is really warm. My skin burnt already during the first day and now it's red and aching. Sun protection didn't work... Our hotel is situated on the beach and it´s really nice and quite big. There is a nice swimming pool and the beach behind it.  The picture below was taken from our balcony. It's fairly weird to be in the middle of the summer again when the winter is nearly at the door in Finland. 
Mostly I´ve been swimming and relaxing. No minute schedules are needed in these circumstances. On Monday I got the new hairdo when some woman forced me to try this and actually I like it. It reminds a bit side cut which I had last winter. 
I will return to the topic later when I´m home. 


  1. Näyttääpä kivalta noi letit sulla! :)

    1. Nämä oli ihan superkivat, pidin koko viikon ja otin pois vasta Suomessa, kun oli pakko värjätä pää! Pitää kokeilla tehdä itse tälläiset :)

  2. Really lovely pictures :)!

    x Dawn