Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Moon walking

Warning, the trip posts are coming!
On Wednesday we landed on the moon or at least it seemed like that. In reality we visited at the top of the volcano but the landscape reminded of the moon surface (i.a Planet of the Apes was filmed here). There was pretty thin air at the top which made breathing difficult especially if you moved fast.  There wasn't anything else but magma stone. The clouds stayed beneath when we went almost four kilometers up. The pictures don't tell the truth, it's impossible to capture the real proportions. All in all there wasn't much to photograph, views in every directions looked pretty much same so I ended up taking just a few shots. Fortunately the weather was clear otherwise we wouldn't have seen anything. If not count an airplane this is the most highest place where I've ever been. 
Stone sculptures made by nature.
I put on a long-sleeved shirt, dress and lovely pants of Actual Pain. Chilly wind was welcome instead of the burning sun.
Gondola lift brought us to the top which was probably the most fun experience. 


  1. tyylilleeen uskollisena lämmintä +40 ja mustissa hiippailet :D

    1. Ofc, eikä tuolla huipulla ollut kovin lämmin