Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Cherry in the air

This is the final post about my vacation then it's a time to return back to the dead nature of Finland. (I wish you could see my face after returning home when I realized that all trees had dropped the leaves, I was hoping so that the nature is still in the full bloom of autumn but no. But kind of this dead nature is also really beautiful in all its darkness.)

I guess this was Thursday's outfit, second hand shirt and mini skirt. Gladly I can report that I left all my heels home and it was a smart decision. I wouldn't have done anything with them here. 
A picture from our balcony which was taken before the darkness falls. Dark nights with the warm wind were absolutely attractive. Sitting at the balcony while drinking the cold beer and watching how the sun disappeared behind the horizon was the best way to quit the day. 
We had our own pet at the balcony. We also found a small gecko in our room. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera at that moment. 
I swam a lot in the ocean even if I swore beforehand that I'm not going to do that because I hate all dwellers of the sea like fishes. There was also nice water trampolines on our beach so of course I wanted to try them :'D Unfortunately I don't have any pictures because they were situated such a far from the shore that photographing wasn't possible.
Some guys made a great sandcastle to the nearby beach. This can be called a piece of art.
Me walking on the shore. By the way my hair color faded badly again and I'm considering again to change the color back to black. I miss black hair with the bang every another day. Black is so much easier to maintain and it feels more homey. Even if some people claims this red suits me well I definitely think black suits me much better. My own natural shade is dark brown and I have even thought to have it back.
Of course I couldn't avoid doing some shopping so I ended up buying a bottle of Escada's Cherry perfume in Tax Free store. I love Escada's scents, they are a certain choice almost always. In addition I bought a bottle of Aloe Vera skin cream. 
I brought also three small cactus. This time I try to keep them alive. 
Mojo sauce! I recommend to try this if you like spicy food. 

In addition to these I purchased a black lace tunic and a suitcase which I will show you later. 


  1. Voi kun on niin lämpimän näköistä! Tuonne vois suhaista parantelemaan flunssaa :)

    1. Lämmintähän siellä oli tai oikeastaan kuumaa :>

  2. Hi! you have a very lovely blog :) I agree with you Escada perfumes are one of the best! I used to "wear" Escada's "Island Kiss" scent and I would always get compliments from people for how good it was :) plus, I loved the heart shaped bottle :P

    1. I have got also compliments from people about those scents, and I don't wonder why :> Fortunately this bottle is big so it lasts a long time Thank you!