Thursday, 5 December 2013

Enjoy the Quiet

Day's outfit
Pretty boring outfit pictures but I decided to take the pics because the lighting was better today as usually. I tested my new boots and they are not slippy like I thought. 
I read recently the great book once again: Ministry: the lost gospels according to Al Jourgensen. I waited for this book for months and borrowed it immediately from the library when it appeared there. Probably I have to buy this to my own bookcase later. The book included the final interview of Mike Scaccia and many obscure stories Ministry's career without forgetting the personal life of uncle Al. If there is Ministry fans, I recommend you to read this!


  1. Nice pictures, sweety! You look good like always!


  2. Kelpais mullekin nuo hapsukengät.. Kaunis olet! Tuo punainen hiusväri tuo tosi kivasti sun piirteet esille. ❤

    1. Heh jes, nää kengät on kyllä kivat ja hieman huipaisaa että toisella puoliskolla on samat ^^ Kiitos :>