Friday, 27 December 2013

Black Yule

This Yule was black literally, it has been raining here all the time, the last time I visited outdoors was on Monday when I arrived at here. It would be nice to get jogging but I don't want to be like a drowned cat thus I've entertained myself during these days by watching some old comedies and playing the board games with the youngest brother of mine. I've also studied German and designed a new collection which I'll try to manufacture during the spring if only I found the fabrics. In addition I've spent too much time by dreaming of a trip to Berlin. I've studied German many years but I have never had a chance to pay a visit there. Maybe that could be my silent promise for the new year which will turn soon!
Dress: Diy, Belt: Second hand, Necklace: Etsy, 
Tomorrow I will be on my way to Turku. The time has flown since I visited there last time.


  1. I missed your black hair! You look stunning with black hair :)

  2. Oh ihana <3 Ja juu tää musta joulu ja tän jälkeinen aikakin on ollu ehkä supermegamälsintä taas ever.. miks joka joulu käy nykyään näin? loppusyksystä oli enemmän lunta ku vuoden vaihteessa, missä logiikka.

    1. Jaa-a, sitä on moni miettinyt. Onhan se vähän outoa, että Egyptissä oli vähän aikaan sitten pyramidit lumessa, mutta täällä ei ole senttiäkään :D Viime jouluna taisi olla lunta, mutta se suli uudeksi vuodeksi pois. Vihreä nurmi on loistanut melko monena vuotena