lauantai 21. joulukuuta 2013

Between silence and death

I bought a new lip gloss a few days ago and it's excellent. I buy new makeup rarely and more rarely I buy the lip glosses especially if they cost more than 10 euros but this shade was so juicy that I couldn't avoid it. It's from IsaDora and the shade is: Cabaret Red, if some of you is willing to know. The product is long lasting and even though they recommend to use a lip liner with it, I didn't use and it stayed still pretty well. 

Friday's outfit
Shirt: Second hand, Headpiece: Seppälä, Tights: Seppälä

We visited watching The Hobbit yesterday and what can I say. In a visual way the film was candy for the eyes but the plot doesn't make progress much if thinking about the length of the film. The same problem was with the first part which lasts about three hours, the narrative crawls too slowly. There is different battle scenes which change from one to another but they can't take the plot forward. The dragon was definitely well done. The end was a bit poor, the film ended to the wall and now we need to wait a year for seeing the last part. If I could give the stars I would give three. 

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  1. Another very lovely outfit! And I love your lipgloss!

    x Dawn