perjantai 20. joulukuuta 2013

Satyricon & Chthonic

Wednesday's outfit
On Wednesday I headed for the club again. This time I went to see Satyricon and  Chthonic. The latter orchestra was totally unknown to me, (at least they have a sweet bassist). The band comes from Taiwan, I'm not sure, have I heard anything earlier which comes from there. However I was curious to see something new and the band was actually pretty good. Satyricon is my old friend, I've seen them live once before some years ago and the gig was good at the time so I decided to go to see them now again. Slightly heavier music this time. I think that their new song 'Phoenix' is awesome even if it's really atypical for this band. Pure vocal and Satyricon together, what? Unfortunately they didn't play that song which I also knew having checked out their setlist in advance. I haven't listened to their new album just at all before the gig but it seems to be interesting maybe a bit like two-piece. And I need to mention this kind of band works much better at the club than in the sunshine ;)  There was a lot of people got lost in the scene , actually more as I thought, and I managed to face also one blogger there. It's always interesting to see people in the flesh who are familiar from the Internet.

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  1. Amazing outfit! And awesome pictures!

    x Dawn

  2. I always love the simpliest outfits ! and pentacles of course !

    1. I love the simple outfits nowadays a lot! It's also easy to find the new simple black clothes in flea markets with the low price :>