perjantai 3. tammikuuta 2014

Morphine wings

A visit to Turku was nice a  few days ago. I ended up purchasing some new clothes and actually I did good findings. I didn't get many gifts at Christmas just mostly money which is kind of a good thing. I hate all unnecessary stuff so I think it's better that people give rather money (or gift vouchers) as pointless stuff (if they want to give something in general)  besides I didn't have anything on my mind which I could ask for. So we drove to Turku and I bought the fabrics for the new collection and in addition I found a leather (fake) jacket, tights, two different tunics and two pairs of bras. I can't remember the last time when I have wasted money as now but maybe a woman can shop once in a year in dead earnest? 

New jacket and shirt

The last post was short for a reason. I didn't celebrate the New Year at all because I've had the difficult health problems again and I still have. I visited a hospital when a year turned and I visited there again today and this time they gave me the codeine, maybe the pain doesn't wake me up in a coming night. I'm so tired of being ill all the time. My energy storage are completely down so that I have experienced some arrhythmia which are irritating. So many meds that I'm afraid of how my liver can handle them... 

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  1. You looked amazing again!

    x Dawn

  2. Hieno asu! Mistäs muuten tuo liehuva paita on? Omani alkaa olla jo niin loppuun käytetty, että joutunee uuden etsimään :(

  3. Hi there! I've been reading your blog for ages, but I was to shy to pass by and say hello ^^; Not anymore!

    You look stunning! *__* Where did you get that tunic?

    Be strong with all the being ill stuff, same here... It sucks, but think it will get better eventually (Trying to be positive is my new year resolution)

    1. Hih, thank you for commenting! Tunic is from Lindex. You made a really good resolution, maybe I could try that too :)

  4. Vastaukset
    1. I like this outfit aswell. I'm waiting for the spring to come so that I could wear that jacket!!