Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Things behind the Sun

Winter appeared back and an arctic coldness is keeping me tightly indoors if possible. What a lovely excuse to watch American Horror Story... I watched the second season in a flash and it was at least as good as the first one. Last night I started watching the third one and it affects to be good aswell. 

German lessons started yesterday after a break. I decided to continue the lessons in the spring term, I really want to improve my skills. I'm dreaming of a trip to Berlin and WGT and it would be useful to be able to speak German at least a bit. I would have liked to take part in Wgt already this year but because of my leg I don't want to fly now, when a risk to get another thrombosis is at its highest.
 Day's outfit
Shirt: Second hand / Skirt: Diy
I got to know yesterday that a pop artist Andy Warhol's exhibition will be shown in Tampere in March! Awesome! We both me and my other half are looking forward to that, it has been a while since I last visited the exhibition. 
Pics are stolen from google.


  1. Love this outfit! And the photos ♥

    1. This is absolutely one of my favourite outfits currently :)

  2. This outfit is so simple and so nice... I love minimalism in gothic style :).

  3. Tyylikästä kuten aina..T: Itäsuomen AaVee