Saturday, 18 January 2014

All you need is love

Last night I visited a bar due to the gig of my beloved. I photographed plenty of shots and here is a few of them. I had some difficulties on account of my new camera which I can't handle yet completely. All buttons are entirely reverse order as in the old, so it takes its own time to learn to use it. 
Day's outfit was today: self made skirt which is one of my favorite at the moment and an old pullover. It's difficult to decide how to dress when the weather is so damn cold all over the time but somehow I enjoy it regardless. I hope the train runs tomorrow when I'm on the way to Lahti. I promised to be a model for my friend and I wouldn't like to freeze to death if there was again the problems in the train traffic. 
By the way we have the 1st anniversary today with my love. 


  1. what´s the band? Can you share their FB with us? :) Looks cool and happy anniversary!


      Thank you!