lauantai 15. maaliskuuta 2014

I could sink a sleeping pill And in the morning could be Sleeping still

When I opened my eyes in this morning, I had to roll my eyes a few times. At first I thought to see delusions until I faced a truth, the winter really came back and the snow covered over the ground. A few days back my thermometer hit +10 degrees, so it was difficult to believe that the snow would come back. So far no the spring coats then. 
 I took a few shots while walking through Amuri in the morning. I went to search for the new workout clothes but instead of them I found something else. Shoes! But I'll come them later. Like I mentioned, I bought a monthly pass to the pole studio and I've visited there quite diligently in this week. I've attended the new classes which have been really nice.

Mon. Pole 60min
Thu: Striptease 60min and Pole 60min
Fri: Striptease 60min
and perhaps tomorrow pole 60min

I have dozens of bruises and the muscles are aching but I don't let that bother. I'm just happy that I'm inspired by dancing. Striptease is a great sport as long as you don't take it too seriously.

And what else I've done. I started a new sewing project two days ago and the new jacket is almost done. Last night I took a few promo pictures, but I'll reveal them later. I haven't gone them all through yet, but to my delight there was at least a few good shots! 

8 kommenttia:

  1. Hui siellä onkin vähän enemmän lunta kun tänne tuli. Täältä suli onneksi päivän aikana se vähä mitä tulikin. Mutta oih, on kyllä kiva asu, ja nuo saappaat on mahtavat! :)

    1. Juu, aamulla puoli 9 olisi voinut kuvitella, että on -15, kun puut näyttivät aivan siltä :) Nämä saappaat ovat kyllä ihan parhaat ja mikä parasta Vagabondin, joka tarkoittaa = hyvät jalassa. Löysin joskus alennuksesta. Kiitos :)

  2. love your outfit ^^ the boots are amazing

    1. Thank you :) The boots are really nice and comfy!

  3. I love your top and your shoes! <3