Sunday, 9 March 2014

No more bones

 A few weeks back I purchased this Iron Fist bony skirt when I found it at a low price. It's adorable and I've already worn it more than once. Especially I love shape of the skirt for it's really tight and the hem is narrow. I have a love-hate relationship as for Iron Fist. Some of their products are so ugly that I can only wonder how someone is able to wear them, but then again it's possible to find some pearls from among. I own only one shirt from their collection before the skirt, but I've considered to buy the high heels many times.
 A week ago I visited a flea market. I found a scarf and a pencil skirt this time. The scarf is perfect. I love a lot of crocheted/knitted scarves and most often I wear them. The skirt is a bit too loose even if it's a size of 36. I probably need to show a sewing machine for it or wait for gaining weight. 
 Spring is everything, but a creative season to me. The amount of light is making me more tired and displeased as anything else. I feel everything, but energetic. I tried to do some drafts yesterday but my inspiration was digging a hollow. A bunch of fabrics waits, but I let them wait as long as I get my enthusiasm back (I hope it happen before the autumn).
I bought a monthly pass to pole studio on Friday while visiting aerial silk class which was super nice! (if you don't know what it is click here). From now on I try to visit at least three times a week there during a month!


  1. I feel the same about many Iron Fist's products. Especially the shoes, often there are some stupid eyes, like in Wolfbeater, Zombie Stomper and so on. Those eyes seldom look cool or nice or anything else but just lame. :/

    1. Indeed! Those eye things are probably the most awful prints which they have, but some people seem to like them ^^