Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sometimes you just need to walk through a door

My weekend has been quite ordinary. I've spent time with my sewing machine and last night I gave my help to my boyfriend who transferred his goods from old place to his new dwelling which I saw for the first time yesterday. I need to say I envy him a bit! A big living room and bedroom, kitchen and a walk-in closet! (which was pretty large aswell).  
The shoes which I found a week ago. Unfortunately I need to admit finding these in H&M which automatically means the bad quality. They are good to walk but likely they won't last daily use because of the synthetic material. I've been looking for the wedges in a long time without the results. Last winter I saw a nice pair in a local shoe store but they were bloody expensive and when I later went to see them they were gone (and they would have been Vagabond). I'm sure I'll bump into the better choice now having bought these!

I started reading Cobain's biography last night. I've read this once before but because Cobain is somehow a mystical character I decided to give the second try for this. It's seems to be a season that I go through my whole book collection. 
I have been listening  the band called The Church over the weekend. My boyfriend suggested this to me a long time ago and I remembered only now to listen to them. A fine music finding!

Ps. I noticed a few days back that blogger was put some comments on the trash can for some reason. So if you have wondered why I haven't published your comments, it's due to blogger.