Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Derelict Spa at Epilä Tampere

Rest of the pictures come here. We also visited Epilä (borough of Tampere) on Sunday evening to looking for an abandoned old bath wreckage which was built in the 1930 by a rich business man  Sixtus Syrjänen before the Finnish winter war. The spa was inspired by Roman baths and it really never completed fully. There is left a gate which is pretty well preserved, sauna which is quite unidentified, a frame of bridge and concrete boulders around the forest. A small pond which was built there for swimming, but which was too low in the end is still recognizable. In the middle of the pond is a small isle and the frame of bridge leads there. 

The place is situated in the middle of the forest and the terrain is quite challenge to walk so I recommend that you don't go there with your high heels. We found the area quite easily. It's situated near to the row houses where was situated before a house of the owner of this place. Unfortunately the main building was teared down in the late 80's. 

During the decades the nature is captured the place pretty well like you can see in the pictures. The place is dilapidated and the war caused damages aswell. 
The gate which leads to the spa area from the main building which doesn't exist anymore. This is preserved well and behind it, is the row house area. Actually this gate leads now to someone's backyard and there is a warning sign "private area".

 A frame of bridge which leads to the isle. Be careful if you are about to climb on it. 
An old sauna. 
 Relics which are fell into ruin.
An artificial pond behind the trees which was meant for swimming until they realized it's too low. 

Before there was a beautiful garden including several plants and apple trees, but they are all gone now. In addition to Sauna there was a toilet and a terrace close to the pond. If you are eager to see a picture of the original building click here

I so would like to go looking for more the abandoned places around the country or the world. I always admire the pictures from different corners while bumping into them on the internet.