Monday, 13 April 2015

A step from an eternity

I inspired by the event which was arranged at my work place on the weekend and I decided to dig  my tarot cards up. I ordered some time ago the cards form the wild unknown. They were bloody expensive, but then again they are so stylish, much better looking as the other ones that I have met during my journey. I was a bit disappointed that the cards were printed somewhere in China considering the high price. 
My day's outfit. I bought a t-shirt from the tattoo convention a few weeks ago and it's perfect for the summer. I would like to re-cut the neckline and fix the sleeves perhaps, but so far I don't have a heart to do it. 
Shirt: Helsinki ink / skirt , suspenders and bag: flea market 

Thirteen days is coming (at least, there can be even more) at work until I have a day off. Sometimes I hate to be a slave of two (three) jobs, but then again it knows money and money knows some nice trips and events so... Fortunately there is some short days like  four hours so perhaps I will survive without a burn out. 


  1. I looooove your style! Always waiting for your posts!

  2. I'm really in love with this outfit. The Ouija shirt is very pretty also :)
    Kisses from Brazil

    1. Hih, me too. I love pencil skirts :)