Friday, 12 June 2015

New black

 I've wandered for the past days in deep thoughts so to speak. A life has thrown new cards for me once again and I have been trying to figure out how to play with them. Absolutely good news and new opportunities so nothing bad, even if I can sound a bit dramatic. I'm again standing at the crossroads of my life and there is a possibility to choose a completely new direction. But I'm still a bit skeptical do I really want to choose the new way? Making of decisions is not my strength. 

My summer vacation started on Tuesday or it almost started. I still have a second job so I don't really have the decent vacation, but however not so many work hours now which is nice. July will be hellish because I have much more hours as usually. So there is no hope that I could spend a nice summer by laying on the beach. But a good thing is that all weekends will be off.

Shirt, Skirt: second hand, Brooch, Hat: from WGT, Fishnets: Seppälä, Shoes: Vagabond
A blooming apple tree. 

 What I have done recently except work? I went to see Finnish goth band Musta Paraati on Wednesday evening and the gig was definitely worth seeing. Old songs sounded great and so did the new too.  Need to wish that I could see them live later again. 
Yesterday I came to my parents' place because I haven't been here after Yule. Today must be the first decent summer day when the temperature is over twenty! Feels odd to be without a coat outdoors. 


  1. Valinnat on vaikeita... Varsinkin kun tulevaisuus on vaakalaudalla. Olen itsekkin koittanut miettiä minne suuntaan tästä. Mutta menneisyydessä en ole tehnyt kuin huonoja valintoja niin tekee vain mieli lykätä ja lykätä.. :D Onnea sinun valintaasi!

    1. Kiitos! valinnat on vaikeita varsinkin, jos niillä on pitkälle kantavia seurauksia =S