Monday, 1 June 2015

The third day at Wave Gotik Treffen

The third day at WGT which was the last day for us because our flight left the next afternoon back to home. These days flew so quickly and I'm already waiting for the next treffen to come. 

The third day offered an ear candy and I got to see London After Midnight again which I saw the first time the last summer at Tavastia. The gig was definitely great and it was the best end for the great festival. Before LAM played was the turn of Clan of Xymox which I wasn't see before and I waited for them aswell. They were great too and I recognized about all songs from the both band (Am I listened to both a little bit...?)
I put on my old dress which I bought from London about five years ago and the veil (surprise) ended up to wear also this day. I also wanted to wear my new hat which I bought from Agra. 
Dress: From London, Veil: diy, Hat: from WGT, Bag: Queen of Darkness, Shoes: H&M
What a stunning picnic park this would be..?
The next post will contain shopping which I made during the journey. I try to write it during the next days if possible. I've been ill for the last days and mostly the time has been spent by sleeping. No energy to do anything and brains just doesn't work, but fortunately I got sick leave. 


  1. You're pretty as always <3 Really loved the photographs.

  2. Näyttää kyllä sellaiselta tapahtumalta johon on joskus päästävä :)

    1. Yep, kohtahan sitä saa taas matkat tilata :>

  3. Ihana lookki taas! ja oi mityä rakennuksia näkyy taustalla, tosi upeita! Ajatuksissa oli jos ensi vuonna pääsisi itsekin käymään, pitää se WGT kerran elämässä aikanakin kokea.