Thursday, 18 June 2015

Sound of rain

Weekend including three days off and Midsummer are looming in front of me which means that a work week is over and I feel so relief about it. A decent vacation would be welcome, but can't complain at least I have a job or two. On Monday  I continue both jobs again which means long days until I have the vacation from my another job in July. 

So yes. It's Midsummer and it's raining. So typical. I most probably spend the weekend indoors by watching Orange is the new black except tomorrow it would be nice to go somewhere. However I will stay in the city without the decent plans although my first intention was to travel to east, but then my beloved said that he wants to be with me so I decided to forget the trip. Perhaps it's even nicer to stay home for I have been so much on the hop. Sewing machine is whispering to my ears that I could use it and a bunch of interesting books are waiting for me aswell. And yes, a pole! I haven't had time to dance at all recently so I try now on the weekend. 

My Sunday's look:
Skirt: H&M, Shirt: Second hand, Shoes: Vagabond, Tights: Seppälä, Ankh: Ebay, Bag: Second hand

My old cat. He is fourteen-years-old gentleman.
Last Sunday I came home from my folks and actually they gave me a ride and at the same they brought a vinyl player to my apartment  so that I can finally listen to the records I have. My boyfriend bought us Lasten Hautausmaa (translated: Children's graveyard) LP and I have been listening to it for all week. It's up to the hilt gloomy to my taste. I recommend to give it a try. 
Hmm what else I have done this week. On Monday my friend came to me and she spent a night here. We haven't seen each others for long time so it was absolutely nice to meet her. We drank a glass of rosé wine while watching the film and chatted everything. I wanted to celebrate a bit the good news which I reached on Monday morning related to the changes in my life. On Tuesday we went to the old graveyard, but I will come to that later. 

I wish you have nice Midsummer despite of the bad weather. Do not kill yourself or anything ;)


  1. love the atmosphere in these photos, and you look stunning girl! love the dress and hair! xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  2. Oh wow, I love the twigs picture above so much, I would love to use it as desktop picture! What a pity I can't... it is so atmospheric and aetherial... really a wonderful piece!


    PS: Oh, as we were talking about WGT (the bavarian couple), it came to my mind you could also be one of the attendants of M'era luna festival. Will you be there too?

    1. Unfortunately I'm too busy to attend Mera Luna. I was considering it, but then I decided to pass it. Perhaps next year. I absolutely want to go there in the future :) Thank you!