Friday, 5 June 2015

Introducing of new treasures

Agra market area in WGT is a heaven for every goth who loves beautiful hand made items and classic goth brands. I was told in advance that it's recommended to pay a visit there already at the beginning of the event because all the best disappears quickly and so we headed to Agra on Friday and here's the things I found:

I thought by anticipation to find accessories like jewelries, hair trimmings and band products and I managed to have these desired articles. The first one is an adorable bird skull brooch which warms up my heart much. I thought that I can wear it on my hair as well. 
 The second treasure is a small hat which is awesome and fits me well and I already wore it at WGT. I love hair trimmings and especially the hats!
 More skulls. This ring is quite massive, dunno can I wear it, but perhaps it goes when I practice to wear it. 
 There can't be too many bags... 
 and not too many coats.. This one is from Queen of Darkness and it was reduced and I paid only forty euros. I love the fur and details. It goes well in autumns. 
I have been watching this t-shirt many times and I finally  ended up to buy it. 
 The last, but definitely a lovely finding is "Wednesday dress". I know I'm gonna wear this a lot.
So here are the housewarmings for myself. Shopping lust is saturated for a moment and I can start to save coins again... 


  1. Tosi kivoja juttuja löysit! :) Uhhh varsinkin tuota takkia olen pitkään kuolannut. :D

    1. Meh, mä "varastin" takin Niinalta, joka sen eka sieltä nappas xP juu paljon kivaa jäi vielä ostamattakin :)

  2. Aivan ihana tuo rintaneula!

  3. The hat and accessories are so cute!

  4. OoOh great finds, love the Wednesday dress

  5. Oo, niin paljon kaikkea ihanaa! Erityisesti tykkäilen noista kallojutuista :)

  6. nice finds, especially the skull stuff! you will get used to that ring for sure!