Thursday, 31 December 2015

Highlights of 2015

In honor of a successful year I decided to do a post of highlights of the year 2015. The year offered me a lot of positive affairs and experiences and I couldn't be more as grateful of all things the year brought back. The most remarkable were a new home, study place and a trip to WGT and in addition many little things which cheered my mind up. Nothing displeasing really happened during the past year. Here comes my year in a picture form:

In March we headed to Helsinki Ink Tattoo Convention and during the same trip we paid a visit a steam bar. This was the only Helsinki visit which I did during the year. I try to arrange more time to visit there during a coming year.
I purchased only two pairs of shoes this year which is less to me, but the both pair are pure love!
My long-time dream to start collecting vinyls came to true when I got a player  from my dad. 
I met some lovely bloggers
I visited museum 
We hanged out at abandoned factory area and took a plenty of cool pictures there
I traveled to Savonlinna  to spend May day there 
And soon after May day I traveled to Germany for the first time to attend WGT!

 I did pole dancing  and visited a gym. 
I cuddled with my other half. Our third anniversary comes in January!
I went to Lumous gothic festival
I decorated a lot during the year
And then I moved to new address
I went to Halloween parties
I visited Spain
I went to see Roller Derby and took photos there
I saw many good gigs

I hope the coming year will be good to us all. Happy new year!!!


  1. Sounds like an awesome year. Great photos!

    1. My year was one of the best in my life :) Thanks :>

  2. Happy New Year! Thank you for sharing your year with us :)

  3. Happy New Year dear!