perjantai 22. heinäkuuta 2016

Lumous Gothic Festival: Saturday

On Saturday I headed to Dark Market where I spent only for a quick moment because I wanted to go say hello to my sweetie who was suffering from a flu at home. Here is a picture how I looked a daytime until it was a time to put on something more macabre for the club ;D The weather was sunny for once which was nice. 
Dress: Second hand: Shoes: From Germany, Bag: Flea market, Necklace: From WGT

The music lines of the night was good: Naevus, Two Witches and Aesthetic Perfection. Only Naevus was new to me. Every goth in Finland knows Two Witches and I had chance to see Aesthetic Perfection already in Germany earlier this year, but it was even better here at the club which was more intimate as the huge Agra hall. 
Two Witches
Aesthetic Perfection
All bands sounded good and my night was successful. Greetings for you all who came to say hello to me over the weekend!

After Saturday there was a one night left when I went to End club which was a highlight of the whole event. A shame for those who didn't attend. I don't have pictures from there because photography was out of bound for a reason that people were dancing on the tables without their clothes....  Great weekend, great people, great parties!

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