maanantai 18. heinäkuuta 2016

Lumous Gothic Festival: Friday

Well hello! Still alive after all merrymaking and sleepless nights and all I can say that it is the spectacular weekend behind me. Lumous Gothic Festival is a local and biggest goth event in Finland which takes its place at Tampere in July. For me it's a great thing that it's arranged here so I don't need to travel for it to attend. It's a city festival which means that here is a bunch of different happenings around the city. 

Here is a few shots I took during the Friday. I didn't take pictures about the people which is a bit shame. My focus was on drinking this time and besides the weather was too dark on Friday that even my outfit pictures were almost all stripey. Someone asked me recently is it always this rainy in Finland and I would like to answer yes; sometimes this country reminds me of Mordor. 

I was a lazy once again and didn't sew anything new for Lumous although I had some ideas drifting in my mind. But on the other hand the closet is filled with nice garments so why to sew more? I was about to put on the long skirt on Friday, but because it was so wet ground I ended up wearing this costume. ( I didn't count how many comments I received while walking through the city those horns on me "oh there goes a satan!" )
On Friday there was playing Swedish Canis Lupus which was delicious and wanted option among those industrial bands. I like industrial, but I appreciate always more traditional music. 
Corset: Diy, Skirt: From London, Shoes: Pennangalan, Bag: Flea market, Necklace: Ebay, Horns: Diy, Tights: Lindex
Shiv-r was the new band to me. I managed to listen to them a bit before the gig so the songs were a little bit familiar and it was a positive surprise. I enjoyed their show.
Thanks Niina for the outfit pictures!

This Monday will be long. I have a workday this evening and I was celebrating till the light signal last night, but the End club was so good that I didn't have a heart to go home earlier. 

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  1. Pitäis varmaan joskus iteki oikein asiasta tehden Lumoutua. Onhan se nyt jotain että Suomessa on ihan oikea goottifestari :)

    1. No kyllähän tuota kannattaa kokeilla, tiedä vaikka olisi kivaa ;D