tiistai 12. heinäkuuta 2016

Under the hood

A new hoodie which I purchased some weeks ago from Hennes and I love it! It's been really useful now when the weather is what it is, cold and rainy so I have worn it almost every day since I got it. It goes perfectly as a coat in the summer when the leather jacket is too heavy to wear. I've admired this kind  of hoodies for long on other people which seems to be quite ordinary vision these days. Pants are from Queen of Darkness and wedges are Vagabond. In all simplicity this look enchants me a lot.
Hoodie: H&M, Pants: Queen of Darkness, Shoes: Vagabond, Bag: Flea market
I managed to have a flu and I'm quite annoyed if this is not over before Lumous (gothic festival in Finland) which is arranged in coming weekend. It seems that I get the summer cold every year. There is a few days time to heal myself before the event. 

Another affair which pissed off me is that I missed Patti Smith's gig at Ruisrock. It would have been the only artist there I would have wanted to see, but of course I had a shift at work. I have managed to miss her every time she has visited Finland and now I pray she is coming back and I promise to myself to be there. 

6 kommenttia:

  1. *----* I really love this outfit u look amazing.

  2. Minäkin sovittelin tuota kyseistä hupparia kaupassa, mutta jotenkin se sitten vain jäi vaikka nyt alkoikin kovasti houkuttelemaan taas... :D

    1. hih, tämä on kyllä ollut kovassa käytössä :)