sunnuntai 3. heinäkuuta 2016

Dancing barefoot

Punk music, live gigs, cold drinks, swimming in the lake made my weekend. After a long pondering I decided to skip over Tuska festival for a reason that there was nothing for me this year. A few good bands weren't worth a high ticket cost and to be honest the placid weekend without any extra hassle was everything I needed. Besides there were some events also around in my hometown which interested me so I decided to stay home and go to listen to the local punk bands where my other half also plays and the weekend turned out to be just fine. I also wanted to enjoy the summer and visit a beach when it was a sunny and warm day for once. There haven't been many sunny days during this summer so a temptation to lie on the lake shore with a good book was remarkable. 
Here is one attire which I wore a few days ago. Red lips, suspenders, pencil skirts and hair up in the pony tail seems to be my quite usual look nowadays. 
Skirt: flea market, Shirt: Lindex, Suspenders: flea market, Shoes: Minna Parikka (second hand), Earrings: Ebay
Pizza-online service was our friend once again this evening when we were willing to watch a movie, but terrible hungry had to tame before it. Alien form the year 1979 was what we watched and I guess I haven't seen it before. It was good and now a sequel must be seen as soon as possible. I have also spent too many hours by watching Orange is the new black. It's just so damn good that I would like to watch all seasons from the beginning if I only had time to do that.  ;)

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