tiistai 4. huhtikuuta 2017

Monday's outfit

I can't believe it's already April and we are already this close to the summer, which is really nice! I love the floating light which comes through the windows although it reveals all dusty spots of home. 
I dressed up a Lip Service top and a pencil skirt yesterday. I think it's a nice combination, a bit conservative with fetish elements. I love that top and its tiny lock. A skirt begins to be slightly loose. I have managed to lose a few kilos and it starts to show in clothes. 
I have been under a flu since last Friday. Yesterday was already better day, but the whole weekend went mostly under a blanket and I didn't visit out at all. I however went to see a few gigs on Friday night and captured a bunch of nice pictures too. To my luck I was off on Saturday and Sunday so I had a chance to heal myself in all quiet. Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to go out, but I would have been dead bored at home. 

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