torstai 27. huhtikuuta 2017

Harness diy project

Last  week I decided to carry out one project which had been haunting in my mind for years. Seriously for years. Harness! I found the faux leather  for it last autumn and buckles a few weeks ago. I'd have wanted to use the real leather instead of the faux leather which would be much more hardwearing, but because I didn't find it I decided to use this. Let's see if it works and it's easy to do another one if I manage to find the real leather. I love the harnesses and they fit so nicely together with simple dresses. Above all the leather accessories look good to my eyes. 
Harness and dress: DIY, Shoes: New Look
Currently I'm sewing a skirt for Wave Gotik Treffen. So far it looks good and can't wait for getting it ready. 

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