lauantai 22. huhtikuuta 2017

Taivaani on synkempi kuin sinun

I've been burying myself in different books recently when there is finally more spare time and even those days when I don't have to go work at all, so what could be better as read interesting pieces and escape the reality. I got a recommendation about this one:  Täältä Pohjoiseen which is based on the band named Sentenced. A day later I stomped into a library and twelve hours later I was already read it. It was simply awesome. I used to listen to them a lot as a teen and I hadn't heard about the book until my boyfriend , who was informed by his friend, told me.. The pithy story about the one successful Finnish band who left so much potential without using. I managed to see them in 2005 which was the year when they finished. I remember when they carried the coffin onto the stage to emphasize that this is the end now. It was quite hilarious. The less hilarious was when their guitarist and composer was told to die a few years after. End of the road so to say.  
Another book which I found by accident was Kurt Cobain's diaries. That's meant more for real diggers I think. It includes a lot of lyrics and some messy thoughts. Didn't offer much new information, but was enough interesting so I went it through. 
These happy slogans carry the story forward
So that the whole blog wouldn't only be about the books here is the outfit from yesterday. This awesome dress I found in Germany a few years ago and I should definitely wear it more!

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