maanantai 17. huhtikuuta 2017

We killed the flame

Yesterday's outfit
The ground was covered again with the snow yesterday when we decided to pay a visit to a grocery store. I start being fairly convinced that the summer won't come at all this year. It's snowing still though the first of May is in two weeks. Well at least I can enjoy that cloak still although the lighter coats are hunting already in the mind.  
Cloak: Diy, Leggins: Queen of Darkness, Shoes: K-kenkä, Bag: H&M

My weekend was quite bland. I was at work, spent time with my beloved, but most of all I was surrounded by the books and poured too many cups of coffee through my throat. When inspiration hits, it's nearly impossible to stop. There would have been several tempting events, but the home felt too comfy choice and perhaps it's better to try to save money for WGT which is behind the corner! I've been pondering desperately how to dress, but the mind offers several options. Perhaps I will sew something exciting... 

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