maanantai 3. heinäkuuta 2017

Tuska 20th Anniversary

A recent week has been really tough due to the tragedy which faced my family a week ago and my summer vacation has been everything but great, but we will rise and there has already been some light in the end of the dark tunnel literally! And of course I mean mr. Valo. I ended up going to Tuska festival just the same and that was a good choice. I really liked festival and this was most likely the last chance to see HIM. I'm a bit disappointed  that they quit, but that information didn't really surprise me. There has a space and time for everything and every story has the end. 

If I describe their show in a few words it was a really typical gig from HIM. I have seen them several times and always the same style. Ville didn't leak too many words out between the songs. Just a few "thank you" comments and that was nearly everything. But I was really happy with the song choices. They played all hits and some elder production which is closer to my heart than those newer songs. I do hope that Ville keep up making the new music in the future. He is too talented to stop. Were you there and what did you like the gig?

I arrived at Helsinki early so I had nicely time to visit a photography exhibition by Juurikkala. The pictures were nice, but not really that special or creative in the end. Just the typical band photos. 

In addition I enjoyed the gigs of Impaled Nazarene, Mokoma, Electric Wizard and Amorphis. A day passed quickly and I returned back to Tampere in the night or it was nearly morning and I was dead tired after the day. Fortunately my beloved was waiting for me at home and I got to sleep by him. My first intention was to stay Helsinki, but I changed the plan after realizing that it is possible to get Tampere by a train.  

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