tiistai 18. heinäkuuta 2017

Lumous Gothic Festival 2017

Two different outfits on the same post at this time. Lumous Gothic Festival started already on Thursday night, but I was too tired to attend the opening party due to the early morning that I decided to give a miss them and spend the night on the couch's corner with my beloved by watching some random paranormal videos on Youtube. We have watched quite many UFO documentaries recently and other paranormal phenomena videos. They really enthrall us. But back to the business. So Friday was the first festival day to me and we went to check out Tomi's photography exhibition to 3D Crush Cafe which is also the bunny cafe! I was so excited about the bunnies because I haven't met any rabbit for ages. As a kid I had one quite big purely white carrot biter. which was cute as hell. This was my first visit to the cafe and I definitely want to visit there later again. 

I was wearing my new HIM shirt which I bought in Tuska festival. This is the first HIM shirt ever and I barely have the heart to wear it ;) There is the tour list on the backside which is nice. I so hope to see them one more time. 
Shirt: Tuska festival, Skirt: WGT, Shoes: Deichmann, Tights: Kappahl, Bag: Flea market, Suspenders: Second hand 

It was such a complex to decide which clothes to put on for the evening. I ended up going with this:
Dress: H&M, Collar: Diy, Harness: Diy, Shoes: Pennangalan, Hat: Second hand, Bag: WGT, Tights: Kappahl

and I liked this simple, but splashy outfit much! By the way these are the shoes that I was about to wear at WGT, but I forgot them up the shoemaker. Now I got a chance to wear them. These were my favorite shoes years ago and I wore them daily as some of you can remember. Nowadays I wear them usually at the parties. 

I didn't take a camera with me so I don't have pictures from the evening at all. I especially liked Severance band from Mexico. Spiritual Front was also nice and this was the second time I saw them. 

4 kommenttia:

  1. I love to see your outfits, they are simple but complex at the same time, love it!
    OMG those are really cute bunnies!!

  2. Aivan ihania asuja molemmat! En tiennyt tuollaisen kanikahvilan olemassaolosta ollenkaan, täytyy pitää mielessä nyt :)

    1. On se ollut pystyssä jo pidempään. Mukava paikka :)