torstai 20. heinäkuuta 2017

Saturday's outfit

The second day of Lumous festival spent in this uniform:
The whole outfit is self made and I really like the set. The hem is long and it causes naturally a bit troubles in the places which are packed with people and sometimes I step on it even myself. I had to fix it after WGT, but at this time the skirt survived without the crack. The corset is old. I made it for Tuska in 2011 and it starts to be scuffed. The  corduroy is not the best choice and my intention was to use the ordinary velvet, but it was sold out. However this is one of my favorite corset and I've worn it a lot.
The day was nice and I met also some new people when I visited a meet-up. I haven't visited any meeting in a long time, but now I had time and I'm glad that I went there. It's always nice to face the new people and I definitely would like to do that more often. The night was also fun and I wore away the bottoms of shoes during Nachtmar's show by dancing like a lunatic. The other bands weren't really for my taste, but Nachtmar was full of energy. 

7 kommenttia:

  1. I always want to make a gorgeous Morticia Addams wiggle dress with a long sexy train, and then I remember that I can't trust people not to step on it lol. I heard this exact scenario happen to a lady who sewed a formal dress for a party, worked months on it, and within a half an hour of being there someone stepped on her train and rrrriiiip! It's a lovely skirt, but you're right, they're not very practical for certain events!

  2. Such a beautiful outfit! I love everything about it. I'd love to see Nachtmahr live one day they will always be one of my favorite bands.

  3. wow you look so fucking beautiful! this outfit is amazing and a great inspiration for a wedding dress! I really love it!