perjantai 19. tammikuuta 2018

Love song

Me and my other half had our 5th anniversary yesterday so in honor of that I painted my lips red and put a pencil skirt on. Can't believe it's already our 5th year together, this time flies madly and it scares me. 
 It happened to be a day off so I was free to spend the day like I wanted. We ended up going to have drinks to a local sky bar (I like high places and I could stare at the horizon forever). After beverages we picked up pizzas and watched The Damned documentary which was fun and interesting. My other half saw it already a few years ago when it was released, but I haven't seen it earlier. I absolutely recommend you to watch it if a theme interests you. At least it made me chuckle a lot and I could watch it anew.
My love gave me my favorite flowers, red roses of course. Unfortunately they always die too quickly. 
Day's outfit consisted of a pencil skirt and a very old knitting and of course a beret was on a head once again.  (Actually I watched the red beret in the store yesterday, but I didn't buy it so far. But it could be nice.)
A view from the Sky bar. It was snowy weather so it was damn difficult to capture a decent picture. I've been there only in the daytime earlier so it was nice to see the city and its lights. All in all it was the lovely day and I hope we get more these days in the future. 

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  1. Congratulations!
    Time really does fly by. Me and my partner have soon been together for 2 years - it feels like just yesterday that we got to know each other!