keskiviikko 31. tammikuuta 2018

Decor dreams

I've visited regularly flea markets now nearly every week and mostly I've been looking for decoration things like frames and candlesticks, but I've made also awesome extempore findings that I hadn't planned on having. Nearly all purchases are antique which pleases my eyes the most like this the most beautiful frame I have:
Actually I didn't find this in the flea market, but it's the second hand antique picture frame from a local antique collector and it is really beautiful! I have a plan to paint a picture for it by myself. I was thinking of a deer skull or a deer, I'm not sure yet. I also found another frame in the jumble sale, but it's smaller and simple. We had a little difficulties while picking up this; we got stuck in the snow by a car! Fortunately one man came to help us and we were able to go on.  It was snowing heavily and the road was not plowed. 
This lamp was random purchase, but it was so cute and not expensive so I had to buy it. It fits well in my decor. I laughed a few days ago that my decor is a mixture of Ikea and antique, but it looks good to my eyes which is the most important thing. I saw a really beautiful rococo sofa in the flea market, actually there was loads of rococo furniture and I cursed to need that wooden house to get them all to fit. The rococo sofa would be nice, but I don't want to give away my sofa which is comfy as hell although it's slightly worn. I bought it when I moved to my first own flat at the age of 19 so there is some history behind it. 

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    1. Niin on! Eikä edes syövyttänyt kukkaron pohjaa puhki :)

  2. Itsellä ollut jo pitkään hirveä kirppiskuume, mutta (lompakon) onneksi lähin on liian kaukana, eikä mulla enää ole omaa autoa käytössä :D

    Ihania löytöjä!

    x Lilly