lauantai 6. tammikuuta 2018


A New year got me into a whirl immediately and that's why my absence. Just a few days have gone, but my mind is already tumbled about the thoughts and choices.  I do hope this year brings joy and not sorrow. Last year was quite okay even though some darker clouds shaded a life in the summer. 

I didn't promise any special resolutions this year. I do continue my gym work-out as I did last year (I visited 122 times the gym). I'm going to focus on art, sewing and photography, reading of the books and so on. Less computer and more real life ;D That's what I always promise.

I spent New Year Eve at Vastavirta where was performing a bunch of bands. I was quite tired and didn't pour much alcohol through a throat during that night, but I took a lot  of photos instead. 
 I've burnt a lot of candles while trying to solve my thoughts. Positive troubles.  
I have a deep crow and cat fever. Hope I find some relief soon ;) By the way I watched one of my favorite film The Crow a week ago and it's still pure love. A long time has gone since I watched it last.
I wish you happy New Year! Let it bring some joy with.

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