keskiviikko 14. helmikuuta 2018

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam

There's one Finnish alternative band that I could listen to on and on and I'm naturally speaking of Lasten Hautausmaa whom were performing here last Saturday to our delight. The gig was one of the best I have seen from them and I sensed the other people agree with me. I've seen the band many times and they have always been spectacular. I don't listen to much Finnish music, but there are a few bands which have stolen my heart for good.
Two gig weekends in a row and there is coming many interesting events this year. I know I can't attend them all which is pity. Myrkur was performing in Helsinki last weekend and that would have been very welcome too. I hope I get a chance to see her in the future. 
One classy outfit from the previous week. I have been wearing high heels indoors at home just for practicing for the summer! I like winter especially now when there is a lot of snow, but unconsciously I'm dreaming of the spring and it's been quite vernal weather off and on. Birds have sung and even the sun gleamed through the clouds. 
Shoes: Second hand Minna Parikka, Shirt and skirt: Flea market, Necklace: from WGT
I'll travel to my folks on Friday to see my brother's prom. I can't believe that fourteen years have passed since my prom! It sounds awful because it feels that my prom was yesterday.... However I have a chance to admire dresses. I guess the fashion has changed a little bit since I was dancing. I had black velvet corset top without bones and long dark wine red taffeta skirt and black tulle on it. The dress was nice and I could wear it these days too except that I have gained over ten kilos and it's too small nowadays (I was really skinny as a teen). The dress is still in a store at my folks. I would share a pic, but I have none. 

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