sunnuntai 4. helmikuuta 2018

Dance D'Amour

I've had really nice weekend although everything feels surrealistic due to the changes (at work) which are coming.  On Friday night I was tired, but I went to see Helsinki Vampires despite everything. I have been nowhere during January so it was nice to get out although the next day was a workday. My boyfriend continued the evening till the light signal with his friends and  band members (they know each others behind the years), but I needed to head for sleeping. Unfortunately. I liked the gig and it's always a pleasure to see them.

In addition I've been reading Edgar Allan Poe after a long time. I have a few pieces on my own bookshelf and I return to them from time to time. Gloomy stories what else a man needs?
An outfit from Thursday. An old shirt, self made skirt and second hand belt.

A short post, but my mind wanders on its own level right now. ;)

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