sunnuntai 18. helmikuuta 2018

Sunday mood

It's already Sunday, weekends disappear quickly when I have so much to do. Mostly I have been behind the camera which is always meaningful to me. I went to see my brother's dance on Friday evening and took bunch of pictures there and now I've edited them. If I give my opinion about the dresses they were quite impersonal (sounds perhaps rude), but almost everyone was dressed in pastel tulle skirt and sequin upper part (in American style). I love tulle, I have always loved it, but the pastel colors and  spangles... not to my taste. But a few nice combinations occurred there. 
 I've been playing with fur pants of course and I'm still considering having a one for me... it's a pity that my beloved is allergic to the cats so it makes me think the situation closely. It's not nice if he gets symptoms every time while visiting me. Of course there are meds which can help, but I don't know if it's nice to take pills regularly. 
 New shoes I ordered a few days ago are surprisingly from Vagabond. They are lovely, but not really intended for winter because the bottoms are really really slippery, but I've wore them however and nearly fell down several times. My shoe collection starts to be quite huge. I was thinking of giving a new home for a few pairs if I only had heart to do that. 
Coat: Diy, Shoes: Vagabond, Beret: H&M

Back to home today and there are a few sewing projects waiting for me. 

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  1. Eikö ole jotain kissarotuja jotka käyvät allergisille. Ainakin sfinksit? :)

    1. Kissoista en tiedä, koiria ainakin on. Sfinskit ei ole omaan makuuni tippaakaan =P Bengalia olen harkinnut ja kysellytkin kasvattajilta ja mies on sanonut, että niistä ei tulisi oireita... mutta mene ja tiedä sitten :) Nyt kuitenkin olen kallistumassa ihan tavalliseen mustaan maatiaiseen :D Mutta joo, olen jahkailija luonne, joten jää nähtäväksi koska hankin :P